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I just thought of making a book burning simulator because i dont know.


Don't let chito see you burning books!

Click Start to play

Space - Drop Books

Click Y / N to interact with retry system

Made with :

Blender, Unity, Aseprite, Audacity

Total Project time: 2-3 days + procrastination

also >tfw no gf.

Its been awhile since i made a new game. I think iv'e improved a lot. Modelling and such. I remember when i made my first game the gochiusa simulator. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fun old times. (Sorry for those people in /a/

Thank you to my anon friends in /agdg/ - /a/(though i just lurk in here) - implying >p -/agdg/(discord)- Deaths Guild(discord) and Friends in real life and my family.

Also (Sorry i cant use unreal) you know who you are xdddddddddddddd

Follow me on Twitter : https://twitter.com/Sakuyoi_Dev

build 2 - Fixed an issue in where chito is exploitable because her sleep time didn't randomize

build 3 - Reverted back to old idea to press space to drop books to reduce automation.


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GirlsLastTour32bit-fixed 13 MB
GirlsLastTour64bit-fixed 14 MB
OSXUniversal-Fixed 26 MB
LinuxUniversal-Fixed 29 MB


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i found a bug in this beautiful game :( plese fix it  https://youtu.be/SU8xbytAMt0 

Make a getting over it kinda game but its girls last tour 

where did you get the character models?

I made them myself in blender.

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this may be a rude question but could you send them to me im trying to make a mod for a game and i have been looking al ove for models of them but i just cant find any... so if you could send them i would be very gratefull

Fucking amazing.